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Welcome to the AscensionTek Institute!

At AscensionTek, we are dedicated to guiding individuals towards elevated consciousness and spiritual awareness. One of our cornerstone offerings is the Attunement, Training and Certification for all levels of Re Hu Tek. This ancient, yet profoundly powerful, energy system enables a deep connection with universal energies – both Earth and Cosmic.

Offering Attunement, Training and Certification for:
Re Hu Tek™ Lineage
Re Hu Tek Level 1: For Self Development
Re Hu Tek Level 2: Working with Others

Sombu Kotal™ Lineage
Sombu Kotal™ is an extension of the Re Hu Tek training or, with an interview, is made available for those who have been doing spiritual practice or other work on themselves for some time. It uses the same energies as Re Hu Tek, but expands upon it with multiple transmissions of energy over time to enhance the work that was done before. 
Sombu Kotal is offered by Re Hu Tek Originator Allen Burns. More information can be found here.

Whether you are beginning your journey into spiritual awakening or looking to deepen your existing practice, our courses and tools are designed to support you every step of the way. Join us and embark on a transformative journey with Re Hu Tek, unlocking potentials and pathways to a more empowered and enlightened self.

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